Bethnal Green (formerly Ratcliff)

We are an informal diverse group of all ages meeting in a warm friendly wood panelled room in the premises of Quaker Social Action. We do not have a meeting house.  Our focus is on the spiritual life of our meeting.

All those interested in silent worship and the Quaker way are most welcome. Quakers welcome all inquirers from whatever religious or spiritual background, and those simply on a quest. There is no requirement to hold any belief except an interest in discovering more. The same applies to everyone from whatever nationality or background or gender orientation. Sadly,  access to the premises in which we meet is not step free.

Collectively, we value our meetings for the time it gives us away from everyday life, to sit silently in a communal gathered stillness where we can be open to the spiritual sources we each value.

Quakers try to promote Peace, Truth, Simplicity and Equality in everyday life and in the wider world. We are also concerned environmentalists.

Meetings for Worship are held 10.30 – 11.30 every Sunday after which we have introductions and notices. There is then a chance to get to know everyone and talk informally over tea, coffee and biscuits. It is best make time to arrive before the meeting starts to get comfortable and to enable everyone to be seated for the start of the meeting. This allows time to settle into the quiet of the meeting.

We run a regular discussion group on the third Sunday of each month and sometimes have social gatherings for lunch nearby after meeting.

People attend from a wide area stretching as far as Stratford, Poplar and the Isle of Dogs

Who are the Quakers

The Religious Society of Friends – more commonly known as Quakers – is a small group of some 25,000 worshippers in the UK. Quakers believe that it is possible for every person to have a real and direct experience of the God (which we may refer to as The Light or The Spirit) without the need for priests and rituals. If you are used to a priest-led service, you will find a Quaker meeting for worship quite different.

What to Expect

If you walk into a Quaker ‘Meeting for Worship’ you will find a group of people sitting facing each other in a circle or square sharing a spiritual silence. This silent worship is at the heart of Quakerism. We seek a communal gathered stillness, where we can be open to inspiration from the spiritual sources we each value. In our meetings we find both peace of mind and challenging insights, deep community and a renewed sense of purpose, and joy to wonder at the world around us. During our meetings for worship, some may feel moved to speak: something anyone may do, as all are considered equal. Quakers do not have priests, or a hierarchy.

After our meeting we have a short time for ‘Afterword’ during which anyone may bring up anything that they felt arose for them during the meeting itself.

Children and Young People

At the present time we do not have a meeting or children’s group although we would like to establish one at some time in the future according to demand.


Quaker Social Access is in a listed building and unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible. It is accessed by steps. There are also steps up or down to the toilets. We welcome all those with disabilities and sorry that we cannot provide for those for whom this makes access impossible at the present time.


17 Old Ford Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9PJ

Phone:            07770 404431

Bethnal Green Quakers are best contacted by email on:

Room Hire

We rent our room from Quaker Social Action who have the main lease on the premises. This means that those interested in renting rooms should contact Quaker Social Action during usual office hours. They can be contacted on:

Quaker Social Action

Telephone:      Main office: 020 8983 5030



Location and getting to our meeting

17 Old Ford Road is just round the corner from The Museum of Childhood and Bethnal Green Transport hub. It is a short walk from Victoria Park.

Public transport options
Bethnal Green underground stations or Cambridge Heath rail station.
Buses (very close): D3, D6, 8, 106, 254, 309, 388.
Buses (5 minutes away): 26, 48, 55.