Area Meetings in 2021

Month Event Date Time Venue
May AM w/b 17th 6.30pm Romford
June AM Sat 12th 10am-4.30pm Wanstead
July AM Sun 18th 1.00pm (Bethnal Green) Wanstead
September AM Sat 11th 1.30pm Leigh-on-Sea
October AM Sun 17th 10.45am(MFW), 1.30pm Harlow
November AM Sat 13th 1.30pm +bonfire Wanstead

Area Meeting Nominations Committee meets on the first or second Tuesday of a month, before an Area Meeting

AM Trustees meetings in 2021


AM Treasurers Committee Meetings in 2021:

Month Event Date Time Venue
April Treasurers 14th 7.00pm Zoom
July Treasurers 14th 7.00pm TBC
October Treasurers 13th 7.00pm TBC

London Quakers Property Trust in 2021 – TBC

Month Event Date Time Venue