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  • AM Policies for Employees and those in paid positions

Grievance procedure 2014-09

Disciplinary procedure 2014-09

  • Leaflets
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  • How To’s

Archiving – the bare bones – Brief guidance on taking appropriate care of Minutes and procedures for archiving


Safeguarding Policy Handbook v1.4 Nov 2018 (PDF)

NETAM Safeguarding property information v1 June 2018 (PDF)

Initial Disclosure Reporting Form v1 June 2018 (PDF)

Incident & Accident Reporting Form v1 June 2018 (PDF)

Childrens Meeting Register Dec 2018 (PDF)

DBS Check Record Dec 2018 (PDF)

Overseers Visit Record Dec 2018 (PDF)

AM Safeguarding Policy v1.1 Jan 2018 (PDF)