High Leigh

The annual weekend get together of the North East Thames Area Meeting at the High Leigh Christian Conference Centre, based in Hertfordshire, runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, usually in April, on a three year cycle.  Bookings are open.

We await news if we can hold our regular All-Age Family Weekend at High Leigh, Hoddesdon in 2021

You can get a flavour of what happened when we had a similar theme in 2018 via the  Quaker Leigh Times 2018 produced during the course of the weekend.

For two of the three years we have a speaker leading six sessions following a theme.  In 2012 we had Judith Moran, Director of Quaker Social Action, on “Living Adventurously” and in 2011 Geoffrey Durham offered “Speaking our Truth”.  April 2015 saw Kevin Bales offering the theme Slavery and Liberation.  We Journeyed Home with Jennifer Kavanagh in 2017.  2019 saw Tam Martin Fowles offer “the virtues of compassion”.

During the years we have a speaker there is children’s programme which runs alongside the adult programme.

Future dates