Our newsletter is a shared undertaking offering a picture of the life of the area meeting and notifying people of upcoming events.

Since 2013 each of the meetings takes a turn at pulling it together and we aim for three issues a year. Guidance is available for the meeting preparing the next issue.

2020 Issues

February 2020 (PDF, 3MB) edited by Bethnal Green Meeting

2019 Issues

October 2019 (PDF, 5MB) edited by Wanstead Meeting

February 2019 (PDF, 1MB) edited by Romford Meeting (revised version)

2018 Issues

October 2018 (PDF, 2MB) edited by Leigh on Sea Meeting

June 2018 (PDF, 2MB) edited by Harlow Meeting

February 2018 (PDF, 2MB) edited by Epping Meeting

2017 Issues

October 2017 (PDF, 1MB) edited by Bethnal Green Meeting

June 2017 (PDF, 16MB) edited by Wanstead Meeting

2016 Issues

October 2016 (PDF, 10MB) edited by Romford Meeting

June 2015 (PDF, 3MB) edited by Leigh on Sea Meeting

February 2016 (PDF, 1MB) edited by Harlow Meeting

2015 Issues

October 2015 (PDF, 1MB) edited by Epping Meeting

June 2015 (PDF, 1MB) edited by Bethnal Green Meeting

February 2015 (PDF, 2MB) edited by Wanstead Meeting

2014 Issues

October 2014 (PDF, 4MB) edited by Walthamstow Meeting

June 2014  also available in a Booklet format (both PDF, circa 2MB)  edited by Romford Meeting

February 2014 (PDF, 638kb) edited by Leigh Meeting

2013 Issue

July 2013 (PDF, 951kb)