Producing the newsletter


The AM Newsletter is published in February, June and October each year.  This means each Local Meeting takes a turn every two and a third years.

The rotation continues in alphabetical order:

  • Bethnal Green – February 2020
  • Epping – June 2020
  • Harlow – October 2020
  • Leigh – February 2021
  • Romford – June 2021
  • Walthamstow – October 2021
  • Wanstead – February 2022
  • Bethnal Green – June 2022
  • Epping – October 2022
  • Harlow – February 2023
  • Leigh – June 2023
  • Romford – October 2023

Newsletter Editors are appointed by each local meeting for their turn. They can be members or attenders.

People in our area meeting can write articles as inspired.  A request for contributions should be sent by the appointed Newsletter Editor to the seven LM Clerks for distribution to their email lists, and for announcement in Notices after Meeting for Worship. Articles and replies can then be sent directly to that Editor.

The Editor of each local edition has complete discretion as to which articles are accepted for publication in their issue.

Local meetings can use this opportunity to inform the area meeting community about more things connected to the life of their meeting than can be put in their annual report.

The format, and use of columns and pictures etc, is at the discretion of the Newsletter Editor. The AM Website Editor may be able to help with general advice.

The Newsletter Editor sends the published issue to the seven LM Clerks for distribution.

Each local meeting is responsible for distributing paper copies to those who need them.  Receipts for costs involved can be sent to the AM Treasurer, together with the name of the person to be reimbursed.

The AM Website Editor will post each issue on the Area Meeting Website and send an electronic copy to to send it to both Quaker Life and the Library.

At the Area Meeting following publication, the following information should be sent for the Notices. This will help to increase awareness of the rotation and publication dates.

 The latest edition of the AM Newsletter by  ?  Meeting is now distributed and available on the Website.  We look forward to future editions by  ?  and  then ? Meeting. “

  • Rotation dates to be revised by AM Assistant Clerk and copies of this guidance sent to LM Clerks, in January 2021.