Who’s who

Who’s Who in North East Thames Area Quaker Meeting

The following Friends are appointed/nominated by the Area Meeting

© indicates a committee clerk.

AM role holders 2022

Clerk:  Jo Law – clerknetam@gmail.com

Assistant Clerk: Anne Smith
Assistant Clerk: (Membership) John Dash – MembershipNETAM@gmail.com

AM Elders

Valda Aviks, Beryl Bell, Val Caldwell, Nadia Capogrosso ,Helen Carmichael, Christine Downes-Grainger, Liz Ingham, John Nayar, Aran O’Carroll, Peter Ranken,

AM Pastoral Care Team

Valda Aviks, Val Caldwell, Beryl Bell, Nadia Capogrosso, Irene Davies, Fiona Day,  Keith Doak, Peggy Forell ,  Melvyn Freake , Rebecca Fricker, Liz Ingham, Nati Lopez, Jane Natai, Daphne Stedman

Burial Ground Officer & Funerals Advice:  Melvyn Freake

AM Nominations Committee

Val Caldwell, Irene Davies, Melvyn Freake, Nora Kelson, Will Weston

Meeting for Sufferings Representatives: Jane Natai, Jenny Baird (alternate)

Registering Officer for Marriages: Liz Ingham

Safeguarding Officers: Fiona Day, Kate Green

Children and Young People’s Advocate: Vacant

Custodian of Records: David Irwin

London Quakers Property Trust Christine Downes-Grainger, John Smith

Quaker Life Representative Council: Vacant

Webmaster: Richard Bryden

London Quakers Link: Tamara Stoll

AM Trusteesnetaqmtrusteesclerk@gmail.com

Peter Green, David Irwin ©,  Antony Rawlinson, Judith Roads

AM Trustees’ Treasurers Committee

Alan Fricker (c), Helen Carmichael, Anne Smith

Premises Committees:

Epping:  Christine Downes-Grainger ©, Alan Fricker

Harlow: Liz Brown

Romford:  Rose John (c) (line manager), Tony Jones, Richard Bryden

Walthamstow: Christine Downes-Grainger © (line manager), Jane Natai, Valda Aviks

Wanstead: John Smith, Jude Bullock, Irene Davies

High Leigh Committee info.NETAQMHighLeigh@gmail.com

Nadia Capogrosso, Liz Ingham, John Nayar,  Anthea Snow, Peyton Rawlinson

NE Thames Quaker Trust

Irene Davies, Alex Gournay (c), Chris Evans, Kate Green, Richard Bryden

Pan London Governance Committee

Judith Roads, Daphne Stedman, Will Weston

Friends Housing Bursary Trust: Gemma Tighe

London Link Group Representative: Rebecca Fricker

London Quaker Service Trust: Fiona Day

Young Friends General Committee: Peyton Rawlinson

Leighton Park School General Meeting:   Allan  Edmunds

Pollard & Dickson Trust: Brenda Phillips

Last updated: March 2022